Trail Reports

Monday, March 7th, 2022: It’s 21 degrees in Lakewood at 8:00pm, with the low tonight predicted to be 11 degrees. The trails are still open, and are rated mostly Good to Fair, with some Very Good conditions still being found on the trails deep into the woods. Regardless, we have entered “Late Season” riding conditions, which means you will encounter bare spots, icy corners, and some wet spots in low-lying areas. Trails along roads around town are getting thin due to the angle of the sun. There are warmer temperatures being predicted later in the week, and into next week.  So get up and ride before Mother Nature takes it all away. For trail conditions from other clubs in the area, click on  You can also get up-to-date information on our trails by typing in “Paul Bunyan Riders Groomers Group” on Facebook. Don’t forget to stop by our Business Booster members that are listed on our website to support the folks who support us. Please Ride Safe and Ride Sober!!!