Oconto County Snowmobile Alliance

In December 1988, John Kranzusch, Director to the A.W.S.C. for Oconto County was instrumental in organizing the Alliance.  It was felt that a group of clubs could accomplish more on the state and county level by banding together. At this time there are 9 clubs that work together to promote snowmobiling in Oconto County. They are:

  • Paul Bunyan Riders – Lakewood
  • Bagley & Brazeau – Pound
  • Chase Sno Chasers – Oconto Falls
  • Chute Pond – Mountain
  • Lena Snowdrifters – Lena
  • Red Arrow – Townsend
  • Oconto Falls Snow Jokers – Oconto Falls
  • Gillette Snow-Riders – Gillett
  • Iron Snowshoe – Crivitz

Oconto County has 421 miles of State funded trails, plus 100 miles of Snowmobile Club Trails.  All clubs in Oconto County are 100% members of the A.W.S.C. (Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs)

Wisconsin is a Leader in

Over 25,000 miles of funded trails


Over 600 organized clubs


Over 220,000 registered snowmobiles


Providing a model for other states

The AWSC is dedicated to the success of Wisconsin snowmobiling and is continually

working for safe and responsible recreational snowmobiling throughout the state.

This is why it is important to join a club.  Trails are established and maintained

by volunteers who are members of these clubs.



Snowmobile clubs provide us with the trails we ride on.  We have 421 miles

of  funded trails in Oconto County.  This means part of the funding to

set up and maintain these trails comes from snowmobile registration fees and

gas tax refunds which goes into the snowmobile program.  We also have 100 plus miles

of club trails, which means the clubs maintain them through their own membership

dues and fund raisers.  Without these clubs, there would be no trails.  Memberships

are made up of snowmobilers like you and I, who become the volunteers that:

* Talk to Landowners                * Plan the layout for trails

* Pound in stakes                    * Install gates

* Put up trail signs              * Brush trails

* Get grants for projects      * Put in bridges

* Groom trails                        * Work out trail problems

* Remove signs in spring       * Close and open gates in spring & fall

* Hold safety classes               * Provide landowner appreciation functions

* Plus countless hours of administrative work to receive our funding



Wisconsin Snowmobilers are proud of the statewide trail system that

ranks among the best in the nation.  This trail system would not be possible

without the generosity of the thousands of landowners here in Wisconsin.

Snowmobile club members work closely with their landowners in

the placement of the trails.   This cooperation results in the promotion

of safe and responsible snowmobiling.

Under Wisconsin State Law,

Section 350.19 and 895.52 landowners are not liable

for injury or damage on their property when they have

granted permission for snowmobiling.


* Stay off the trails until they open

* Only travel on marked trails

* Obey all snowmobile trail signs

* Don’t cut corners.  Stay on trails

* Remember, if you leave a marked trails you are trespassing

* Stop at all stop signs

* Do not litter

* Respect the land & people

* Join a local club


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