AWSC October Director’s Meeting

Hi Members,
Attached are the notes from the most recent AWSC October Director’s meeting.  This is information Kurt Butler would share with us at a meeting.  He asked that we get this out to our members so that membership knows what is being discussed.
If you have not renewed your Paul Bunyan membership yet, please get it in as soon as possible, via mail or website PayPal.  Without a current club membership, you will not belong to the AWSC or qualify for $10 discounted trail passes for this season.
Paul Bunyan Riders Snowmobile Club
P. O. Box 61,
Lakewood, WI  54138

Farewell for Percy Knaub

Farewell for Percy Knaub

Lakewood, Townsend, and Mountain communities, please come and join us on Monday to say good-bye to our dear friend, Percy Knaub. She was the Queen of our Community and the Queen of our Hearts!!!

When: Monday, October 26th

Where: Downtown Lakewood between St. Mary’s Rd and the Presbyterian Church.

We will stand along Highway 32 (socially distanced and wearing masks). Please stay on the sidewalks. Park in the community parking lots (Trailhead, Krist, etc.) or on the side streets.

Time: Gather at 10:15 a.m. The funeral procession will be leaving St. Mary’s parking lot

at 10:30 a.m. and will drive through Lakewood on the way to the cemetery across from the Presbyterian church. The procession will be for Family Only and they are having a private ceremony at the gravesite.

What to: Hearts! Lots and lots of Hearts. Let us show Percy’s family the love we have for

Bring: Percy. Just make a heart out of paper, cardboard, construction paper, wood, anything you can think of and write any message you want on it. Be creative!! Put them on your cars or hold them in the air. Let us show the love for this wonderful person that we were all blessed to have known!!!!

If you have any questions, please call Kathy Chandler at 920-621-7139 or Kathy Rank at 715-276-7088. Please feel free to pass this notice on to other individuals and organizations in the area.

High Stakes Raffle Tickets

We would like to introduce our high stakes cash raffle ticket for our January 30th 2021 fundraiser at Waubee Lake Lodge. The cost of each ticket is $100, but with only 125 tickets being sold, the odds of at least winning your money back is about 14%. The detail of the cash prizes is noted below.

You can purchase these raffle tickets at the following Paul Bunyan Riders Booster Members, or area establishments.

Mountain/Doty: Animals Bear Trail, Schoolhouse Bar

Lakewood/Townsend: Firelite Lounge, Pour Haus, Waubee Lake Lounge,

Anderson’s Supper Club, Mulligan’s Sports Bar & Grill, Phil’s Philling Station

Please don’t miss the opportunity to win some nice cash prizes. Hope to see you at the Snow Fun Day!

Welcome to the new Paul Bunyan Riders Web Site!!

We have an exciting new look for 2020. Our new web site is designed to be fast and very lightweight and very phone friendly. That comes in handy on busy weekends when the cell towers struggle to keep up with data demands. Sure we could load it up with beautiful graphics, but if that makes it hard to use or slow on weekends, no thanks.

We have some great new features including an on-line club membership application, and soon, an on-line store to buy PBR clothing. We have a live FaceBook feed, an archive of newsletters going back to 2017, and a fun stuff page. The Fun Stuff page will be where our web wizards add their pictures of you guys having a good time.

The hot off of the trail reports will be right here, front & center.

I expect a few challenges along the way but we are ready for them and will get he bugs ironed out ASAP.

For now check out our membership page and sign up, and check out our discounted trail passes for registration and trail pass information that will save you a lot of money if you plan ahead.